Every time I read about a baby born by the side of the road I am reminded of the necessity of birth planning – plan for all contingencies!

Beautiful Heart

Looking at the news headlines (yawn) and a ‘road side delivery’ catches my eye. As usual, the mother barely rates a mention and the ‘birth plan was thrown out’.

It is beyond me as to why a labouring woman should have to relocate to the birth location. But that is the standard practise. We are told to ‘stay home as long as possible’, which, of course, means travelling in the intensity of labour which is not safe, comfortable or without risk.

The acronym for roadside birth (and -unplanned- unassisted births generally) is ‘BBA’, born before arrival.

There is another acronym common in the birth ‘industry’: CYA.  Cover Your Arse.

I suggest that this be applied to birthing women too.

Most people do not consider the unassisted scenario in their birth planning. Perhaps it is because I tend to birth fast, so it was an obvious consideration for me, that I encourage…

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