LOVE this! The information that goes into making an informed decision is complex.

Beautiful Heart


An informed decision is more than just information gathering.

An informed decision = new information + old information + current circumstances.


Ideally this comes from unbiased evidence-based sources.  The information needs to be relevant to the individual and interpreted into understanding.  This info builds on old info.


This includes personal experiences, including childhood ones, anecdotal information and even unbiased evidence-based information previously understood.  Old info will influence how you understand and accept new info.  This may mean hurdles, challenges or confirmation of ideas.  It may even lead to rather muddled and confused ideas.  It is important to first unravel the old information, question it, consider it and accept, reject, or alter it using the new info.


This is your culture, your main influences, your beliefs, your philosophies, anxieties and fears, your financial…

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