I often talk with doula clients about visualising and articulating what their “ideal birth” would be.  I feel that this can be a really powerful tool to help build a positive and peaceful pregnancy and to help ensure that everything needed is in place when the time comes. And I’m a huge believer that we can effect our reality with our thoughts.  After the two poems I wrote detailing the circumstances around my son’s birth I decided to write out my “perfect birth”, my wish for my next child.  For some reason it came out as a freaking poem again (I honestly have no idea where this sudden need to write poems has come from?!).  Anyway, here is my wish for my next birth.

42 weeks and there’s nothing to do but wait,

Through pre-labour niggles, sleepless nights and back-ache.

Oh God, how much longer?  I ask

Hoping I don’t have to wait as long as I did for the last.

But I wait and I wait trusting that my baby knows best,

I wait and I wait and try to get some rest.

Things start to build up and then it’s time, I just know this somehow,

Oh my goodness, holy crap, what do I do now?!?!

The surges build up, slowly getting stronger,

Slowly getting closer, slowly getting longer.

My doula is called and arrives on the double,

My circle is complete, I go into my bubble.

Light turns to dark, I labour under the starlight,

I wonder if my baby will arrive earthside this night.

I walk with my lover out under the trees,

I ask him to hold me, just be with me please.

We walk and we dance to that magical birth song,

Oh how I’ve waited for this for so long.

Time loses all meaning as the moon rises high,

I marvel that my baby will be born under its watchful eye.

Then it happens, the mood shifts, things start to get hazy,

I suddenly wonder if I’ve gone really crazy.

Transition arrives, we walk through it with no fear,

Transition is gone, my birthing time is near.

Breathing deep, breathing down, as my baby descends,

Breathing deep, breathing down, it is nearly the end,

Of this amazing journey to bring our baby to earth

Of this amazing journey to a beautiful birth.

My baby is born under a beautiful tree,

Born into loving hands and passed up to me.

Put on my chest all covered in goop,

I look at my baby and let out a whoop!

I birthed my baby! They said I couldn’t do it but you see,

My baby has been brought into the world by no-one but me.

The sun is starting to rise and the birds start to sing,

I just birthed my baby, what an incredible thing.

My baby and I as safe as can be,

My baby and I worked together beautifully.

No doctor or midwife or hospital in sight,

I birthed my baby and this time everything felt right.