Love this! There is usually no need to make pregnancy, birth and beyond terribly complicated. Relax, enjoy, surround yourself with love and KISS!

Beautiful Heart

Five Steps to KISS your Birth!

Keep It Simple, Sisters!

1.Plan a BELLABIRTH: a Bellabirth is an informed birth, it is Your Birth – Your Way.

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2. Surround yourself with SUPPORT: people who are prepared to be informed, understand your birth plan and agree to adhere to it. These people lift you up, trust you and know you.

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3. Consider your LIFE BEYOND BIRTH: How will you manager the early weeks, do you have support? Do you understand normal baby behaviour? Do you know the local mothers groups (some, like the Australian Breastfeeding Association, are happy for you to attend before your baby is born)


4. RELAX! Enjoy your pregnancy. Write letters to your baby, sing songs, rub your belly, keep a journal, take strolls. If you are already a Mother, take time to read with your child/ren, include them in preparations, slow down as much as you can – limit the extra-activities…

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